Parade Guest Application Form

KOSFD Guest Application Form

 This form is required to be filled out for each and every guest prior to payment and no later than 1 week before the parade date . 

No forms will be accepted after the formal  closeout announcent. (No exceptions!!!)



General Responsibilities & Guidelines

  • Must be 21 years or older.
  • Guest Fees are non-refundable.
  • Follow the Ship's Code of Honor at all times – Ship's Code is the Law! You may be a Pirate but be respectful of your krewemates and others.
  • You are responsible for your own actions. Any acts of indiscretion will be subject to review and consequences, if any, will be determined.
  • Guest must follow the lead of any all all Full members, is someone asks you to do, or not do something at the parade, please follow that direction.
  • Drink Responsibly - The Krewe of Sir Francis Drake is not to be held responsible for your behavior if you over imbibe.
  • Throw beads are the responsibility of each member. The use of bead bags is not optional, no beads in cardboard boxes to be dropped or brought aboard the float!
  • You must be dressed in authentic attire. No Blue jeans and t-shirt. Proper Parade Ready Footwear is a must as well, no spike heels, no tennis shoes, no flip flops.
  • Safety is of utmost concern! We all must look out for one another, if you see something might go awry let someone else know.

Parades and Guest Fees

  • Gasparilla Children’s parade $150 per 1 adult and 1 Child / $20 per additional child.
  • Gasparilla Day parade $175 per adult.
  • St. Yago Knight parade $150 per adult.
  • St. Patrick’s Day parade $100 per adult.
  • Bradenton Parade $75 per adult.
  • Veterans Day Parade $40 Per Adult
  • Santa Fest Parade $40 Per Adult

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